Tu aashiqui episode 172

Ishaani runs calling Goridi, and was worried. The doctor comes there, Ranveer gets severe cough Ishaani brings water for him and asks him to have it. He was panting and looks at her. Chiraag says he wanted a fight between them, but Ranveer became the hero. He is determined to come back. The doctor announces the patient is serious, Ranveer picks her up and takes her downstairs. Ishaani asks Ritika how it happened, Ritika asks her not to tell anyone at home as Ranveer promised her and she is in problem, it is better she tells everyone by herself.

Ishaani asks Ritika to talk to Sharman, who is upset and thinks there is something between her and Ranveer. Ritika says she will go home and sends Ishaani to hospital. In the hospital, Ranveer tells the doctor her lungs filled with smoke due to fire in the room of hotel she was staying in.

He looks at the worried Ishaani, and says he is going to fulfil the formalities of the hospital. At home, Sharman was worried, everyone was waiting for Ishaani and Ranveer.

Pratik looked at the cake, he says to Derwash something is wrong and there is something Sharman knows. Parul says when Ranveer and Ritika left and Ishaani went behind them, there is something wrong. They come to Sharman, Derwash asks what is the tension.

tu aashiqui episode 172

Goridi wakes up and recognizes Ishaani. RV was also there, standing with the window. Ishaani says she had never thought she will meet her like this, but its good she is fine. She asks what she was doing in hotel, Goridi looks at Ranveer then stops.

Ishaani asks why. Ishaani asks did he know, and what bad times she is going through. She asks Goridi what has happened to her, Ranveer leaves the room. Goridi says that when a girl marries, her husband is the whole world to her and she has all hopes to him. Her husband adopted her but she came to know his real face, he harassed her and hit her; not only him but his family. They kidnapped her into the store room of their home, snatched her phone as well.

She cries that she lived with much difficulty in that room, no one was there to hear her. But then one day, she ran away from their house. It was she whom he hugged, when Pratik watched them. She took promise from them not to tell her. Ishaani says she should have filed a complaint against him in police, she was angry and says she must do something against him. She says Ranveer is a very good man, he supported her when she had no one. She says she is sure, he will always keep her happy.

Ishaani says she knows, and is proud of being his wife; but she must be very happy had he told her. Goridi says he was finding a correct time to tell her, he told her in the morning that he will let them meet at surprise of her birthday. Ranveer comes inside again, Ishaani says to Goridi that Ranveer is here, nothing will happen.Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi transl.

The story is about Ishaani Parekh and Ranveer Vaghela who were friends since childhood. Ranveer's father Kailash worked in the mansion of Ishaani's stepfather Harshad Parekh. Ranveer was smitten by Ishaani's beauty and fell in love with her. But being full aware of their background, Ranveer never confessed his feelings and was happy to stay close to Ishaani as a friend. Both Ranveer and Ishaani grew up together. Ranveer was treated like a family member at Harshad's mansion.

However, some misunderstandings led the Parekhs to throw Ranveer and his family out while Ishaani started to hate Ranveer. Ranveer is a successful business tycoon under the name of RV. Ishaani's family is now poor facing a shortage of money due to Harshad's death and fighting for their former mansion when it is put up on auction. Ranveer buys it when they lose their case that would have given them all their money back.

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Ranveer still madly in love with Ishani aims to protect her from Chirag's selfish motives. He comes to know that the case failed because of his mother Amba. As Ishaani is alone on her wedding day, he volunteers to marry Ishaani to save her family even though he had previously committed to marry Ritika, the wealthy daughter of jeweler Sanjeev Zaaveri. Ranveer is happy that his dream came true and can finally be happy with his childhood love Ishaani.

However, she still does not love him and only marries him after her mother Falguni begs her to realize that Ranveer is the only person who can save her family from poverty. Ranveer's one sided love and respect for Ishaani makes her realize that there is a chance they could at least go back to being friends. Chirag returns after leaving Ishaani at her wedding.

Wanting revenge from Ranveer, he tries in making Ishaani believe Ranveer is responsible for Harshad's demise. Ishaani refuses to believe Chirag but he uses his many resources to convince her that Ranveer killed Harshad. Heartbroken, Ishaani spends time with Chirag on Karwa Chauth trying to find more evidence. Chirag runs car over Shenela with Ishaani's car and Shanela's brother vows to take revenge for her condition as she ends up in coma.

Shenela wakes up and tries to tell her brother that Chirag was trying to destroy Ranveer. However, he mistakes Ranveer to be the killer. Ishaani finally realizes Ranveer's innocence. Chirag tries to rape her and reveals how Ranveer had been saving her from every problem and he was not Harshad's killer. In the ensuing scuffle, Ishaani gets hurt but manages to run away.

She goes to Ranveer to complete her fast believing him and hoping to reunite. At first Ranveer doesn't believe that Ishaani cheated on him.Check all videos related to Meri ashiqui tum se hi episode 1. Access in-development titles not available on IMDb. Download full hd p mp4 video, 3gp mobile, flv video. TV Plus episode is here to entertain you. This is dummy text. It is not meant to be read.


Accordingly, it is difficult to figure out when to end it. But then, this is dummy text. Search Results of meri aashiqui tum se hi episode Hepinize keyifli seyirler dileriz www.

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As we earlier reported, it was happy ending Shakti Arora. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 1. Catatan: Jika video yang anda download berjudul videoplayback. This is a short description in the author block about the author.

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You edit it by entering text in the Biographical Info field in the user admin panel. You Can Watch Dailymotion. In this episode Amba comes to ask Ishaani if her Karwachot went good.

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You can watch all indian tv serials and hindi tv shows here with episode and also by date Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th July written episode: Ishani rushes to Chirag's house with Ranvir.

She erupts on Chirag and slaps him. Cast: Shakti Arora. Radhika Madan. Arjun Bijlani. Smriti Khanna. Sarita Joshi. Gautam Gupta.Tu Aashiqui Translation: You are my love is a Indian musical drama romance television show based on two lovers' efforts to unite.

The series premiered on Colors TV on 20 September and had its last episode telecast on 12 October The story revolves around Pankti Sharma Jannat Zubair Rahmania beautiful and talented young girl, and Ahaan Dhanrajgir Ritvik Aroraa young, charming, kindhearted musician who struggles to make it big as a singer because of his straightforwardness and anger issues.

tu aashiqui episode 172

Ahaan meets Pankti and falls for her and Pankti eventually develops an attraction towards him too. Pankti's mother, Anita Sharma Gauri Pradhan Tejwaniis a failed actress of her time and is almost completely bankrupt. Willing to do anything for money, she sells her daughter to a rich and cruel man named Jayant Dhanrajgir "JD" Rahil Azam. JD is a married, manipulative, middle-aged man who uses the young and innocent Pankti for his pleasure with the intent of making her life a living hell.

Ahaan, who is revealed to be JD's nephew, wants to save her from JD and help her realise and achieve her dream of becoming a successful singer. Disgusted with JD, Ahaan, after a long struggle, frees Pankti. Monty is a good man and also falls in love with Poorva. Eventually, the truth about JD is exposed to the entire family. JD tries to kill Sheetal but she ends up in a coma. Pankti now pursues her singing career with Ahaan's support. JD posts indecent photos of Pankti but Ahaan supports her and they run away to live a new life where no one knows them.

Ahaan and Pankti are given shelter in a village but have to escape from JD again and go to the house of Uday Mathur Rushal ParekhAhaan's best friend and manager.

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Ahaan tries to clear Pankti's name by lying about the photos being fake but Pankti appears on the talk show and clears her own name by telling the truth. Sheetal wakes up from the coma and shoots JD but unbeknownst to her, it is a fake bullet. Sheetal is arrested and JD is presumed dead. JD returns under the persona of a man named Reyansh Diwan Raqesh Bapat and befriends Ahaan and Pankti organizing a concert in London where Ahaan is attacked by a hooded goon.

Sheetal is released on bail and discovers Reyansh is actually JD. She tries to warn Ahaan and Pankti but JD blackmails her to stay silent and kidnaps her.

Pankti and Ahaan argue and Reyansh makes matters worse by creating more misunderstandings between them. JD is arrested, and the family celebrate.

Episode #1.172

In public, Rangoli pretends to be nice but behind closed doors she is obsessed with herself and her fame. Vikram becomes jealous of the attention Ahaan gets and instead of launching Ahaan as JMD's new face, he launches Rangoli. Rangoli tries to get close to Ahaan.

Pankti struggles as people in the music industry remind her of her past as a mistress and try to take advantage of her. Ahaan becomes friends with Rangoli. Rangoli comes to sing the final recording of a song but can't hit any notes right. The music director wants to replace her with Pankti angering Rangoli. Ahaan instead organises a concert for Pankti, but Rangoli has the concert cancelled.The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer eyes each other.

They share an eyelock!!

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Allah warriyan plays. Ranveer turns his face and asks her to leave from here. Ishaani comes and hugs him from back. He jerks her away and. Tells her to leave. She tells I love u. I missed u this much days!! He gets angry and slaps him. She gets shocked. He stands silent. She tells I love u!! He tells him not to use the word. She tells for what? He tells u gonna marry. One person after my death!! She tells it is just compromise.

tu aashiqui episode 172

She tells I will clear u r doubt. She was about to speak. But he stops her and tells her. To get lost. Ranveer pushes her out. She falls down and shouts in pain.Add the first question.

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The show is based on the concept of remarriage where in kids from previous marriages are involved. Learn more More Like This. This story of reincarnation will even make non believers believe in love.

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The show is a star-crossed love story presenting an interesting contrast of personalities entwined Once a debauched rock star, Ahaan has finally found his purpose in life, all thanks to Pankti. Kzsam will soon find out what it takes to Tu Aashiqui TV Series The show is based on the concept of remarriage where in kids from previous marriages are involved.

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tu aashiqui episode 172

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